Fixed and adjustable slats, flat profile aluminium tubes measuring 45.5mm in height and 14.3mm thick, profiled, for interior and exterior rolling, decorated and protected with heat-strengthened paints in a continual process.

It is available in two different applications: traditional, and tunnel.

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Enrollamiento superclassic EN
Slats go up and down until they reach a perfect closure.
In winter, the sun heat goes inside,keeping intimacy at its maximum orientation position.
Slats orientation can be chosen up to 120º.
By night cool air is avoided, getting an efficient insulation with the blind in closed position.

Super GT Slat

  caracteristica lama Super GT  
Traditional Application
Aplicacion Obra conjunto  
In Application for traditional construction system, Gradhermetic supplies SuperClassic roller shutter, guides, necessary fittings, and operations for their installation in carrying out the work.

Operated by cord, crank handle, oscillating rod and by IO or ISG motor.
Maximum width 3500mm
Maximum area 8,00m2

Tunnel Application
Aplicacion tunel  
In the Tunnel Application, Gradhermetic supplies SuperClassic roller shutter with guides, necessary fittings, and instructions for their installation in pre-fabricated tunnel boxes.

Operated by IO or ISG motor.
Maximum width 3500mm
Maximum area 8,00m2
Traditional Application
Guía Supergradhermetic Aplicación Obra
Tunnel Application 
Guía Supergradhermetic Aplicación Túnel
Traditional Application
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Tunnel Application 
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