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The PV150 Phalcel Vertical Ceiling of Gradhermetic is a metallic ceiling system. Aluminum profile strips of 150mm, placed on carrier’s support system.

Offered in a variety of colors and finishes (included wood colors) and if necessary with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustic performance.  Also available special extra protection primer for marine environment (swimming pool or exterior site near the sea).

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Ceiling placement in linear system:
        Linear system        

Fire Reaction:
Reacción fuego A1
Fire Reaction Class A1 Classification of material behaviour in the case of fire in accordance with European law EN 13501-1. Class 1 for slats and trays for false ceilings and wall faces with a lacquered finish with COIL COATING or COIL COATING DI painting systems.
Capacity Support:
Capacidad portante
Capacity Support Profile Class 1: Classification of the load capacity of the support profile of the false ceiling and wall face systems with trays and slats, classified according to their flexion according to the regulation UNE-EN 13964:2000.
durabilidad materiales
Durability Class A: Classification of exposure conditions of materials in false room and wall face systems which are normally exposed to variations in relative humidity of up to 70%, and variations in temperature of up to 25°; they have no corrosive pollutants, in accordance with regulation UNE-EN 13964:2006/A1.
tipo de material
Material Aluminum Coils: Aluminium strapping with thickness according to the final product. It comes from an aluminium alloy of 3005 with Temper H-18. The material we use is from the second smelting.
Strip Profile:
Perfil Lama  
  Type of profiles:           Perfileria y paso  

Acoustic absorption property:  
absorcion acustica
Absorption with a Solid Panel of Mineral Glass Wool: Possibility of increasing the level of a false ceiling’s acoustic absorption with a solid panel of mineral glass wool, or mineral stone wool, with a film or acoustic cover on one of the panel’s faces.
Lacquered Coil-Coating: Process of continual painting, meeting all ECCA (European Coil Coating Association) rules and regulations. The paint used is polyester-polyamide with thickness of 15-22 microns applied continuously and oven-dried. It is a pre-lacquering system (the process is carried out prior to formatting the tray).
Finishing Table:   Finish & Colours    
Icono reciclaje
Recycling material: The false ceiling and wall faces at Gradhermetic Plc meet all the requirements for using recycled material in accordance with regulation UNE-EN ISO 14021:1999. The post-consumption recycled content is 99.2%, reaching 96.8% depending on the product and if it’s perforated or not.
How to maintain our products:
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For a good maintenance of our products, please download the maintenance instructions, which you can find on the right sidebar.